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Auto Accident

The volume of vehicles on the road on any given day in the metro-Atlanta area is staggering, ranking 8th in the country for urban congestion. 

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are fun to ride, and statistics suggest more people are riding them. Data from the NHTSA found there were 8.6 million private 

Commercial Truck Accident

Everyone at some point has seen or experienced a semi-truck barreling down the expressway at 80 mph right on the bumper of the vehicle in front of it. 


A study in 2019 revealed pedestrian motor vehicle crash deaths have increased 51 percent since reaching their low point in 2009 

Impaired Driver

The vast majority of adults in America consume alcohol on a weekly, if not daily basis and the people of Georgia are no different.


All bicyclists know that cars do not always share the road. Bicycle collisions often include severe injuries with lasting consequences.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) are among the most devastating injuries stemming from a collision. Early diagnosis is very important; however, they are often overlooked by untrained professionals.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is always difficult to bear. It is much harder when the loss is caused by the negligence of someone else. Georgia has detailed laws that include specific rules for wrongful death claims.

Scooter Collisions

Electric scooter injuries have surged along with their popularity in the United States. A study in 2020 showed that scooter injuries nearly tripled over four years.