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With 26 years working as an attorney in the Metro/North Georgia area, Philip Milam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table as a mediator. 22 of his 26 years of experience has been in the personal injury arena working both as a defense and plaintiff’s attorney. Philip has handled 1000’s of personal injury cases from inception to trial. He is able bring his wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to his mediation service in Buford, to help the parties resolve their case.

Many cases would benefit from the mediation process, but cost can often be prohibitive. Milam Mediation offers a cost-effective alternative with his mediation services in Buford and the surrounding areas, especially for some of your “smaller damages ” cases by extending very reasonable rates: $175/hour/party (2 party case), $150/hour/party (3 party case), $125/hour/party (4+ party case) with a minimum of only 2 hours. Let Milam Law’s mediation and personal injury law firm experience help you resolve your next case in the Buford area.

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