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Attorney Philip Milam has dedicated his life and his practice to helping those suffering personal injury and wrongful death caused by the negligence of others. Previously an insurance industry insider, a job he hated, he now uses this as an advantage for his clients helping them win the compensation they deserve. Unlike some personal injury lawyers in the Buford area, Philip has a heart for every one of his clients to feel heard, understood, informed, and empowered.

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Angie “Toody” Love
Angie “Toody” Love
22. November, 2022.
Milam Law Firm has been a blessing to me. Mr.Milam is so phenomenally patient and caring and Stephanie is equally as great! I was informed regularly about my case and they kept me in the loop all along the way. I would recommend that anyone who needs legal assistance to seriously consider them!
27. August, 2022.
Mr. Milam was highly recommend to us. We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for sending Philip to us. Philip knew that what we were going through was wrong, and he was determined to make it right. Philip latched on like a bulldog and didn’t let go until we were satisfied with the results. Philip, words cannot express how grateful we are for everything you did for our family. For the first time in more than a year, my granddaughter removed the boards from her window. She said, she felt safe and wanted the sunlight to shine in her room again. For the first time since February of 2021, my granddaughter slept through the night without having night terrors. Thank you again! Glen and Pamala
Leigh Ann Gentzel
Leigh Ann Gentzel
5. August, 2022.
Milam Law is Not your typical law firm. I’ve hired a large company in the past and my case was passed from person to person. I spent endless hours on the phone advocating for myself. Not here!- Philip and Stephanie took care of it all! Their diligence and experience paid off and my settlement was more than I ever expected. Not to mention, they are caring and compassionate folks who really want to help. Highly recommend.
Gin Ayers Paratore
Gin Ayers Paratore
18. May, 2022.
Milan Law Firm represented my disabled brother in an automobile accident case. Throughout the process, I was well informed about the process. The accident was late 2019 so the Covid 19 of 2020 delayed the case. However, as soon as things were back up and running, Milan Law Firm aggressively fought on my brother's behalf. I highly recommend Phillip Milan and his firm!
N.Tennille McKinney
N.Tennille McKinney
22. April, 2022.
Philip is a person of integrity, which is so important in his line of work. He and Stephanie made sure I was informed every step of the way. My calls and emails were returned promptly. I was never made to feel like an annoyance and they always asked genuine questions about my life OUTSIDE of my case. I felt like they cared about the outcome, for MY benefit and not just their profit. I would certainly recommend them to family and friends. Stephanie is an absolute jewel! My case started right before the pandemic hit so we faced challenges but they worked diligently and remained steadfast. If you're in a situation that requires representation, I highly recommend Milam Law Firm!
Philly Stud!!
Philly Stud!!
13. April, 2022.
My experience with the Milam Law Firm was very educational. Philip and his staff was instrumental in keeping me updated throughout this long process. Upon receiving my settlement check I had great sit down with Mr. Milam in which we discussed my case, new insurance / medical laws etc. I was relieved to finally have closure and to this chapter of my life. I would strongly recommend the Milam Law Firm for any accidental injury claims.
Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey Scott
20. January, 2022.
My experience with the Milam Firm was a very positive one. I felt sincere interest not only in my legal case. I sensed their genuine interest in me. When dealing with the trauma, loss and disruption of a collision you need a trustworthy advocate in your corner. They filled that need. There were challenges to overcome or adjust to: Covid situation came on the scene and continued its presence. The stubbornness of the insurance company involved. Phil and Stephanie effectively tackled and navigated through those obstacles. The end results was a settlement beyond what I anticipated and a new relationship.

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The volume of vehicles on the road on any given day in the metro-Atlanta area is staggering, ranking 8th in the country for urban congestion. 

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are fun to ride, and statistics suggest more people are riding them. Data from the NHTSA found there were 8.6 million private 

Commercial Truck Accident

Everyone at some point has seen or experienced a semi-truck barreling down the expressway at 80 mph right on the bumper of the vehicle in front of it. 


A study in 2019 revealed pedestrian motor vehicle crash deaths have increased 51 percent since reaching their low point in 2009 

Impaired Driver

The vast majority of adults in America consume alcohol on a weekly, if not daily basis and the people of Georgia are no different.


All bicyclists know that cars do not always share the road. Bicycle collisions often include severe injuries with lasting consequences.

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